Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Where to write about the disappointments.

In all of my moving glory, and finally realizing the purchase of our first house, which truly is a gift, and in the beginning of my blog adventures, I've found a truth.

The person who actually reads what you write is almost always the person you thought wouldn't bother.

And yes, sometimes feelings are hurt. Feelings being hurt are against the lovinangels code of conduct. I'm not mean. I refuse to say a lot of what I think because, well, sometimes I think people are assholes.

And I don't think that someone treating me badly is an excuse to return the favor.

The bottom line is, I'm starting to get really angry. I need a place to vent this stuff that I don't post on facebook, but if I'm going to write, I might as well post my ramblings to the unseen world at large, and hope that some wisdom will drift my way and help me through it.

So here we are. My second blog. The blog that it's possible no one will ever read. But then again, maybe you will.

And maybe you'll help me, in some way, connected across space and time.